PathFinder 450S Sorter

PathFinder 450S

The PathFinder 450S is an easy-to-use benchtop sorter that registers and sorts specimen tubes into a number of different destination sample racks.   Use the PathFinder 450S Sorter to automate any manual task in the laboratory where a decision needs to be made regarding the routing of a tube for testing or storage.


  • Pre analytical or post analytical pick-and-place sorting
  • Auditing test panel completeness
  • Archiving samples before storage
  • Sample receipt and distribution
PathFinder 350S touch-screen hosts easy to use software

PathFinder 450S Key Specifications

Sample Throughput:
Up to 450 samples per hour

Sample tubes:
12 – 16mm diameter, 63 – 120mm height

Sample loading:
Rack loading + individual tubes via “stat” position

Output racks:
configurable, up to 9 positions

Power Supply:
110 – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 250 W

100cm L x 45cm D x 52cm H
40? L x 18?D x 21? H