A range of different accessories to adapt to any application

Sample Probes
Sample probes in different lengths, multiple IDs and a number of material types including stainless steel, PEEK, PTFE sleeved and lined stainless steel and carbon fibre for sampling open vials. In addition, there is another range of sample probes for repetitive and reliable sampling from septum capped vials.
Sample racks
We offer a range of low cost sample racks that pack flat to minimise shipping costs and accommodate the more common vial sizes. We also offer a range of dedicated racks specifically for standard or QC samples. As part of our OEM service, we can accommodate an existing  sample rack that you are already using or even design a new sample rack to accommodate the specific sample tube or vial you want to use.
Probe Wash station
A choice of two flow through probe wash formats to clean the sample probe between sampling – the Fixed Wash Reservoir (available in different heights) and  the Mobile Rinse Station (MRS) for high throughput applications.
Integral wash pump
A choice of fixed or variable speed multichannel peristaltic pumps whose operation can be synchronised to pump fresh wash solution when the sample probe is sent to the probe wash stations.
Probe Guides/Vial stops
A range of probe guides and/or vial stops for septum piercing applications
Protective Cover
No bigger than the autosampler itself, the protective cover can be used in trace analysis applications or when sampling strongly corrosive samples. It comes in a ready-to-assemble kit to save on shipping costs.
Syringe dispenser
High resolution syringe module that is controlled through the autosampler for aspirating and dispensing liquids. It can be used for on-line dilution or reagent addition. Syringes are available in a range of sizes from 250ul to 25ml volume.


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