“Pirouette” Probe arm

Aim Lab Automation Technologies specialise in OEM solutions based around our core competencies which are automating liquid handling and sample preparation applications. In our area of expertise, we can offers OEM solutions for instrumentation, modules, components and design services. We understand it takes more than just designing and supplying a quality product in any OEM relationship. Our aim is to ensure the solution fits your specific requirements.

OEM Instruments

As an OEM supplier,  Aim Lab Automation Technologies doesn’t offer a standard “off-the-shelf” product but works with each of our OEM customers to customize one of our existing platforms to meet their specific requirements. Custom product variations may be as simple as badging with your logo and model number but typically also include custom colors, new application specific accessories, firmware modifications and even custom product modifications.

OEM Modules

Modules from our PathFinder automation platforms can be controlled on a standalone basis and each can be offered as an OEM module for their functional capabilities:

  • Module to automate “pick-and-place” sorting bar coded sample tubes
  • Sample tube labelling and dispensing module
  • Module to decap screw capped or bung capped sample tubes
  • Module to automate the foil capping of plastic sample tubes

OEM Components

  • XYZ probe arms
  • Electronics

OEM Design Capabilities

Aim Lab Automation Technologies OEM design capabilities focus around our core competencies developed in over 30 years of developing laboratory automation solutions. These include single and multi axis liquid automation robots, stepper motor control, image analysis (patented technology), tube foil capping (patented technology), tube decapping, tube sorting, sample aliquoting and regulatory compliance (IS013485, CE).

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