• PathFinder Plus has 3 sided access.

PathFinder 900 Plus

The flexible PathFinder 900 Plus, optimising workflow in your laboratory

Pathfinder 900 Plus

The PathFinder 900 Plus manages the distribution of blood, serum or urine samples in your pathology laboratory by automating receival, tracking, sub-sampling and archiving of samples. It integrates a number of processing functions into one platform:

  • Tube type recognition
  • Primary tube decapping
  • Specimen aliquoting into labelled secondary tubes
  • Capping of primary and secondary tubes
  • Sorting and archiving of samples

PathFinder 900 Plus Key Specifications

Sample Throughput:
Sorting: up to 1,200 tubes per hour
Decapping: up to 1000 tubes per hour
Capping: up to 1100 tubes per hour
Aliquoting: up to 560 total tubes per hour (1:3 aliquots)

Primary tubes:
12 – 16mm diameter, 63 – 120mm height
Capped or uncapped

Rack loading + individual tubes via “stat” position(s)

Output racks:
Configurable, up to 39 positions

Duplicate tubes/sample:
Limited only by sample volume

original cap (primary tube) or foil cap

Power Supply:
220 – 240 VAC, 2400 W

2.5m L x 1.4m D x 1.8m H
8.2? L x 4.6? D x 5.9? H

PathFinder 900 Plus Overview Video