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The PathFinder 350D Decapper Sorter (PF350D) is a compact bench top robotic workstation designed for the pre-analytical management of incoming sample collection tubes. The system is used for automating the decapping and sorting of sample tubes into different destination racks – either analyzer racks (such as those used on various chemistry or immunochemistry analyzers), PathFinder sample racks or third party racks (including Hettich centrifuge inserts). The PF350D registers the receipt of incoming tubes and relays this information to the LIS.

decap primary tubes

Wide range of tube types

The PF350D has the ability to decap primary tubes from all major tube manufacturers, be these screw type or plug type caps. Incoming primary tubes of varying sizes are presented in an input rack from where they are transferred to a processing carousel – first for identification and then, if required, for decapping. The tubes, whether decapped or not, are then sorted into various destination racks ready for testing or distribution.

Improved Safety

Automating the unloading and processing of tubes not only reduces handling of tubes but eliminates RSI injuries from manually removing caps from primary tubes.

Improved Safety

Flexible upgrade path

The PathFinder 350D couples the same sorter module as the PathFinder 450S together with an integrated decapper module. Recommended sample throughput is 350 samples per hour.

For higher workloads, it is possible to add an additional sorter module which not only doubles the destination capacity, but also increases the sample throughput up to 600 tubes per hour.

350D Plus Front View

Optional Bar code alignment

The PF350D has the ability to not only place samples tubes into analyser racks but also to align the tube bar code label on the sample tube with the viewing window in the analyzer rack if required.

Optional Bar Code Alignment

The PF350D and PF350D Plus will be released in January 2018.

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