The PathFinder 350A Archiver is a compact bench top robotic workstation designed for the post analytical management of sample tubes (either open top or capped). The system is used for automating the capping, sorting and archiving of sample tubes into storage racks. It uses the same sorter module as the PathFinder 450S but in addition, can cap tubes with a laminated foil seal which seals the tube from leakage during transport or freezer storage.

Effective and economical capping

Tubes are foil sealed and sorted to racks for storage or send outs or even for transfer to another department. The foil seal is generated in situ from a roll of capping foil and heat welded onto the tube. Sealed tubes can be stored at temperatures down to -80 deg C without leakage.

Improved Safety

Automating the unloading and processing of tubes not only reduces handling of tubes but eliminates RSI injuries from manually capping tubes with push on caps.

Convenient storage

Samples are automatically unloaded directly from analyzer racks, capped and archived into low cost storage racks without any manual intervention. Each storage rack is uniquely bar coded so a particular sample tube can be recovered from storage if required in less than a minute.

High Capacity Version

The PathFinder 128 well (PF128) rack is a storage rack developed to maximize the number of foil capped 5ml sample tubes in a compact footprint to reduce precious refrigerated storage space. The High Capacity PathFinder 350A is a specifically designed for archiving 12-13mm diameter tubes and is fitted with a custom set of grippers to access the close spacing of the wells in the PF128 sample rack.