Aim Lab Automation Technologies is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of innovative robotic automation instrumentation and modules used in pathology and scientific laboratories around the world, making the processing of large numbers of samples easier through laboratory automation.

Backed by 40 years experience, Aim Lab adds value and provides competitive advantage through clever engineering, that complements the analytical instruments of our partners worldwide.

Our automated sample handling solutions create newer, smarter ways to boost efficiency and performance in clinical and scientific analysis.

Automation Partner of choice

Aim Lab Automation Technologies is the sample handling automation partner of choice for leaders in analytical measurement and testing. We deliver added value through engineering excellence, a real understanding and a collaborative approach, all with the confidence you are looking for.

Our unique solutions are the result of a culmination of many years of design, engineering experience and field performance. Our technology is designed, engineered and manufactured by specialists to combine quality and simplicity in solutions that add functionality without complexity, are easy to install, use and to maintain.

Together we work with you to provide a more complete solution. It’s how we work that sets us apart.

Liquid Autosampler

Liquid Autosamplers

Automating sample introduction
into a wide range of scientific
instrumentation read more…

bypass sample queues

Pathology Automation

Pre and post analytical
workstations and modules for sample
tube management read more…

OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

Automating sample introduction
into a wide range of scientific
instrumentation read more…

What our customers say about us

“Our company has been using AIM autosamplers in connection with our analyzers for 10+ years. I love Aim Lab’s Speed of operation and attentive customer service. We chose Aim Lab as a supplier compared to other alternative suppliers because of the easy integration of autosampler controls to OEM software”

“The visit (to the laboratory) went very well. They did not have anything bad to tell us about your instrument! They own 6 of them and never had any issues with any over the 3+ years they have been using them. Quite impressive!”

“The installation process was excellent and the instruments were in full service within a week. Advanced planning with the AIM team was one of the keys of our success.  We strongly recommend working with the AIM team before an installation.”


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Export Awards Winner Manufacturing Awards
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