A Pathology lab in a regional hospital in New South Wales is the first lab to install both the PF350D and PF350A.

The PF350A was first installed 12 months ago, and we received some great feedback on it:

“Sorts very well and cap seal is terrific and easy to use.”

“No more manual capping, No more sore hands!”

“Access to the GUI interface for tube lookup from another PC in the lab is so handy!”

Customer Feedback

The PathFinder 350A Archiver is a compact bench top robotic workstation designed for the post analytical management of sample tubes (either open top or capped). The system is used for automating the capping, sorting and archiving of sample tubes into storage racks. 

Side view of the Pathfinder 350D (Left) and the Pathfinder 350A (Right)

We have received some encouraging feedback after the 350D installation, including how well both systems compliment each other:

“Both instruments side by side compliment each other perfectly.”

“Looks impressive.”

“Our mini track looks amazing.”

“Really happy with the outcome and cannot wait to start using them both.”

“We want one (350D) for bloodbank and Haem(sic) now! I have to make a case to get another one.”

“Excellent training, thank you for all you have done, David!”

Customer Feedback

The PathFinder 350D is a compact benchtop robotic workstation which consists of a Sorter Module coupled with a Decapper Module for automating the decapping and sorting of incoming specimen tubes directly into various analyzer or sample racks.

Front view of the Pathfinder 350D (Left) and the Pathfinder 350A (Right)
Side view of the Pathfinder 350D (Left) and the Pathfinder 350A (Right)