New Hettich Centrifuge Insert for PathFinder

Hettich has developed a new centrifuge insert to be used with PathFinder automation platforms. These inserts are compatible with Hettich Rotina 380, Rotina 420, Rotanta 460 and Rotixa 500 benchtop centrifuges.

The new insert accommodates 11 specimen tubes, ranging from 12mm to 16mm diameter in size. The centre pin has been replaced with a detachable tool which is fitted when loading into or removing the insert from a Hettich centrifuge.

Aim Lab has developed a custom adapter which holds 6 Hettich inserts for presentation to a PathFinder system.

Incoming tubes that are centrifuged on site can be loaded directly onto a PathFinder system in the centrifuge insert, via the adapter. Alternatively, the insert adapter can be used as a sorting destination. For example, on a PathFinder 900 Plus fitted with the Liquid Volume Detection (LVD) option, it is possible to identify any presented tubes that need to be spun, and sort them to a destination with an insert adapter.

If you would like further information, including relevant part numbers and pricing, please contact