New Rack Adapters for Blood Bank Applications

Aim Lab has recently developed several new PathFinder rack adapters for sample racks specific to various analyzers used in blood bank applications – the Grifols Procleix Panther for NAT, the Bio-Rad IH-1000 blood screening system, the Olympus PK7300 blood group analyzer and the Grifols SP Pooling system.

The Panther rack is a linear 15 well sample rack (shown below). The corresponding rack adapter holds 8 x Panther racks and sits lengthwise along a sorter module due to the length of the Panther rack.

The rack adapters for the Bio-Rad IH-1000 (also shown below), the Olympus PK7300 and the Grifols SP Pooling instruments hold 4, 5 and 4 analyzer racks respectively and each adapter has the same footprint as a PathFinder PF50 sample rack (though the Grifols SP Pooling rack requires an extended rack fence assembly). This means these rack adapters can be interchanged into the same loading/unloading positions as a PF50 rack.

All these new rack adapters have been developed for a PathFinder 900 Plus installation at the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service in Helsinki.

Rack Adapter

Rack Adapter for Bio-Rad IH-1000

Adapter for Procleix Panther Racks

Grifols Procleix Panther rack