Liquid Autosamplers

Aim Lab designs and manufactures liquid autosamplers for automating sample introduction into a wide range of scientific instrumentation with techniques ranging from atomic and molecular spectroscopy, continuous flow analysis (segmented and nonsegmented), total organic carbon analysis, liquid phase separations and many others.

We specialise in single probe autosamplers for sequentially processing large sample numbers with sample volumes typically from 0.1 – 100ml.

As predominantly an OEM supplier, Aim Lab doesn’t have a standard “off-the-shelf” autosampler however we work with each of our OEM customers to provide a customised solution to meet their specific requirements. The company has been making autosamplers for over 30 years and has a pedigree of proven performance and many industry firsts.

The current range of autosampler models are state-of-the-art in autosampler design. They embody years of experience and know how invested by the Company intro autosampler design through working with various leading scientific analyzer manufacturers who choose Aim Lab as their preferred autosampler solution.