Liquid Autosamplers

At Aim Lab, we strive to create smarter sample handling solutions that differentiate our customers in the market. As an OEM autosampler supplier we will work with you side-by-side to develop customised solutions that you can proudly take to market – we exist to see you succeed.

We have been making autosamplers for over 30 years. We have a pedigree of proven performance and many industry firsts. Aim Lab designs and manufactures liquid autosamplers for automating sample introduction into a wide range of scientific instrumentation. Techniques range from atomic and molecular spectroscopy, continuous flow analysis (segmented and non-segmented), total organic carbon analysis, liquid phase separations and many others.

We are tireless in our pursuit of understanding your customer needs . We build long term relationships through open communication, collaboration and trust. We deliver quality sample handling solutions worldwide and are held in high regard as an experienced and reliable partner.

With Aim Lab, you can count on us to be passionate and to bring you more. We will always look for ways to add value, by making the complex simple and enhancing your competitive advantage.