AIM3300 Autosampler

Holds 3 sample racks and up to 2 standards racks

The AIM3300 autosampler is the most flexible in Aim Lab’s range and offers a range of communication ports. It has the widest range of sample probe kits along with several custom racks and mat options

Key Specifications

Sample Capacity

Up to 270 samples and 22 standards

Maximum vial height


Communication ports

Host: 1 x RS232 or USB
Aux: 1 x RS232/RS485
4 x Relay contacts
8 x Digital Input

Power supply

110-240V, 50/60 Hz


28.5cm L x 49cm D x 51cm H
11″ L x 19″ D x 20″ H


13.5 kg (30lbs)

AIM3300 Loaded and ready to go
AIM3200 Autosampler septum piercing


  • Range of sample racks
  • Range of standards racks
  • Range of sample probes
  • Range of wash pumps
  • Range of wash stations
  • Range of probe guides
  • Protective cover

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