Holds 4 sample racks and 1 standards rack

The AIM4000 autosampler* is Aim Lab’s newest autosampler with a design that has the electronics in the upper gantry away from sample and wash fluids optimizing the available footprint for the use of samples and standards.

The standards and wash station are centrally located to minimize probe travel between sample and wash. This also allows those sample racks not being accessed to be conveniently swapped out during a run. A smart sampler cover option neatly integrates into the autosampler chassis and takes up no additional space.

Key Specifications

Sample Capacity:
Up to 360 samples and 34 standards
Up to 8 x 96 well microtitre plates and 34 standards
Maximum vial height: 
Communication ports: 
Host: 1 x USB
Aux: 1 x RS485
up to 3 x relay contacts
up to 3 x digital Inputs /outputs
Power supply:
24VDC, 2.5A
60.0cm L x 36.3cm D x 51.0cm H
23.6″ L x 14.3″ D x 20.1″ H
Net Weight:
15 kg (33lbs)

* there are some restrictions on the availability of the AIM4000

AIM4000 autosampler with cover

Sample Racks


  • Range of sample racks
  • Range of standards racks
  • Range of sample probes
  • Range of wash pumps
  • Range of wash stations
  • Range of probe guides
  • Protective cover