Pathology Automation

Aim Lab’s pathology automation PathFinder robotic workstations are specifically designed to automate the receival, handling, distribution and storage of incoming samples in the laboratory ie, before analysis, in between analysis and/or after analysis. Automation offers you several benefits such as:

  • Streamlining operations by standardisation of processing procedures
  • Improving efficiency and the ultimate turnaround of sample results
  • Reducing manual handling errors
  • Freeing up staff for other more productive tasks
  • Tracking of samples as they move through the laboratory

Pathology Automation made easy

Aim Lab has been making PathFinder pathology automation systems for around 20 years and offer a range of PathFinder models – from small dedicated bench top systems for very specific functions or applications up to the PathFinder 900 Plus, a more comprehensive fully automated Tube Management system for pre- and post- analytical processing:

All PathFinder systems have an open system architecture, share a common LIS interface and offer a range of generic PathFinder racks as well as adapters for various third party analyzer sample racks.

Networking PathFinders Together

Expanded functionality through a common LIS

Combining a PathFinder 900 Plus with one or more PathFinder 450S, 350D or 350A units increases your operating efficiency with focussed workflow enhancements. In addition a network of instruments can provide error free sample tracking within a laboratory or between sites over the LAN, WAN or internet.

Networking PathFinder 900 PLUS


  • Inter and intra department sample tracking
  • Logging of send away samples.
  • Confirmation of sample receipt from sending site
  • Multilayer sample distribution and sorting

Ready to transform your laboratory operations?

Let us help you automate your operations with a PathFinder solution.