PathFinder 450S

The PathFinder 450S is a compact benchtop workstation that registers and sorts presented specimen tubes into a number of different destination sample racks based on user defined rules. It can be used to automate any manual task in the laboratory where a decision needs to be made regarding the routing of a tube for testing or storage.

Typical applications include:

  • Pre analytical or post analytical pick-and-place sorting
  • Auditing test panel completeness
  • Archiving samples before storage
  • Sample receipt and distribution

Sample Tube Processing

PathFinder 450S, Sample-Flow

Reliable routine workhorse

The barcode of every presented tube is read and sent to the Laboratory Information System for the patient identification and what tests have been requested. Based on test priority, sample tubes are always sorted to the correct destination every time.


Flexible layout

The PathFinder 450S layout can be customized to suit the individual requirements of each laboratory. Or simply swap the PathFinder tray with another one (which only takes a couple of minutes) to change to a different application.

PathFinder 450S layout
PathFinder 450S layout

Easy-to-Use software

A simple graphical user interface shows rack fill levels, tracks tube locations and displays instrument status through an interactive touch screen.

PathFinder 350S touch-screen hosts easy to use software

Ready for the PathFinder in your laboratory?

Find out how the PathFinder 450S can automate your sample tube management.