PathFinder 900 Plus

The PathFinder 900 Plus manages the distribution of blood, serum or urine samples in your pathology laboratory by automating receival, tracking, sub-sampling and archiving of samples. It integrates a number of processing functions into one platform:

  • Sorting of tubes to different destination racks
  • Identification of each tube by bar code
  • Recognising each type of tube from a wide range of different tubes
  • Determining the specimen type of a presented tube
  • Determining how much sample is in a presented tube
  • De-capping of sample tubes
  • Preparation and labelling of secondary tubes
  • Aliquoting of sample from a primary tube to one or more secondary tubes
  • Recapping of a primary tube (after aliquoting) with its original cap
  • Foil sealing of an uncapped primary or secondary tube
  • Archiving of completed tubes into storage racks
Sample Testing
Pathfinder 900 Plus Side View


PathFinder 900 Plus – a truly modular system that can be customised to the individual processing requirements of each laboratory.


Click on the Model to see the possible configurations


High Speed Decapping, Aliquoting, Capping and Sorting

PF900+ DDACS Schematicx

DACS Model

Decapping, Aliquoting, Capping and Sorting

PF900+ DACS Schematicx

DAS Model

Decapping, Aliquoting and Sorting

DDS Model

High Speed Decapping and Sorting

PF900+ DDS Schematicx

DCS Model

Decapping, Capping and Sorting

PF900+ DCS Schematicx

CCS Model

High speed Capping and Sorting

PF900+ CCS Schematicx

DDAS Model

High Speed Decapping, Aliquoting and Sorting

PF900+ DDAS Schematicx

The PathFinder 900 Plus footprint remains the same as functionality is added or increased.

Pathfinder 900 Plus Lab


The location and number of rack loading (input) or unloading (destination) locations is completely flexible. With three sided access, the PathFinder 900 Plus can be orientated to optimise the workflow in the laboratory and to allow for smooth interaction with multiple operators at the same time.

High Throughput

A dual track design allows parallel sample processing to improve overall efficiency.  So for example, samples that require just sorting bypass sample queues for aliquoting or foil sealing.  This maximizes system throughput particularly when processing samples with mixed workloads.

bypass sample queues
Workcell Controller Monitor

Smart Processing

The PathFinder 900 Plus’  workcell controller monitors the input workload and automatically optimizes the work directed to each module to maximize its throughput.