Tube Decapper Module

The Tube Decapper Module is designed to automate the pre-analytical function of decapping a specimen collection tube by incorporating into your IVD analyser or automation system without creating any additional complexity.

Tube Decapper Module Hero Shot

The Tube Decapper Module is fully electric. By eliminating the need for any pneumatics, the set up time is reduced along with the overall capital cost and operating cost.

Aim Lab’s goal is to keep design simple. With no routinely replaceable parts and a maintenance interval of 12 months or more, reliability has been a key driver.

The Tube Decapper Module can decap a wide range of cap closure types seamlessly, including screw caps, push on caps and even conventional rubber bungs that many commercially available decappers can’t do.

Tubes can range from 12mm to 16mm in diameter and from 80mm to 120mm in capped height. The integrated tube gripper locates and secures the presented tube and is pre-aligned with the decap head. The decap head automatically senses the top of the capped tube. The decapping jaws are designed to grip and remove different closure shapes and sizes without having to make any adjustments.

The removed cap is ejected through a waste chute into a waste bin for easy disposal. The waste chute can be easily removed by the operator for cleaning if required.

The Tube Decapper Module can be customised to suit your analysing or automation platform, enabling you to streamline your development time frame.