We provide a complete design for manufacture service for the development and commercialisation of innovative automation products.

Aim Lab has been developing lab automation solutions for over 40 years and yet we still look at each new project differently to find fresh and better ways of doing things. For our customers, Aim Lab provides trusted solutions for sample tube automation that enhances their competitive advantage.

We go the extra mile to understand our customer’s needs and the issues they are facing. We are in this together. We know that improvement is a constant process and through clever engineering, we strive to develop smarter ways to help them process sample tubes in laboratories.  While the creation and delivery of new customer value is an integral part of our development approach, reliability is the cornerstone on which we build our products. Simple is better than complex.

Our Work

Here are examples of our most recent work.

AIM4000 Autosampler

AIM4000 Autosampler

Setting the bar in innovative autosampler design.

Tube Sealing Module in the start position

Tube Sealer Module

Designed to automate the post-analytical function of sealing an open specimen collection tube.

Tube Decapper Module

Designed to automate the pre-analytical function of decapping a specimen collection tube.