PathFinder™ 900 Plus

Streamlining Pathology Automation. The flexible PathFinder900 Plus, optimising the management of sample collection tubes in pathology laboratories through automation.

The PathFinder900 Plus manages the distribution of blood, serum or urine samples in your pathology laboratory by automating receival, tracking, sub-sampling and archiving of samples. It integrates a number of processing functions into one platform:

  • Sorting of tubes to different destination racks
  • Identification of each tube by bar code
  • Recognising each type of tube from a wide range of different tubes
  • Determining the specimen type of a presented tube
  • Determining how much sample is in a presented tube
  • De-capping of sample tubes
  • Preparation and labelling of secondary tubes
  • Aliquoting of sample from a primary tube to one or more secondary tubes
  • Recapping of a primary tube (after aliquoting) with its original cap
  • Foil sealing of an uncapped primary or secondary tube
  • Archiving of completed tubes into storage racks