Aim Lab unveils Indigenous artwork paying respects to the First Nations people and country.

Elise Hogan, Aim Lab CEO and Ngarabal visual artist, Lauren Rogers joined Aim Lab staff for the unveiling of a commissioned First Nations artwork.

The artwork is a visual narrative that represents the innovative community that embodies Aim Lab at its very core. Entitled Connected Communities.

“The artwork is a symbol of Aim Lab’s deep understanding and recognition of caring for Country, innovation and the significance of sustainable practices for the environment.” explains Rogers.

The central circle represents the people who unite to make up the organisation’s beating heart! The people come from a diverse and multicultural background, each bringing their unique knowledge, concepts, ideas, and experience to the group.

Everyone has a story to share and contribute. The stories are woven together in a beautiful collaboration of colours portraying their connection.

There are smaller circles that encompass the central ring, and they depict the community groups, partners and clients that wrap around the business. Each one holds unique importance, and the relationship is valued and nurtured and strengthened over the years.

The earth, pebbles, and leaves on the outer edges of the painting represent Aim Lab’s acknowledgement and connection to Country, and pays respect to Mother Nature (Country), and the First Nations’ ancestors who have walked the lands for thousands of years.

People and Culture are fundamental to everything we do at Aim Lab. The artwork provides a non-verbal outlet to communicate our core values and guiding principles and brings us all together with a collective identity and deep respects for the First Nations people and the land, says CEO Elise Hogan.

About the Artist

Lauren Rogers is a Contemporary Australian Indigenous Artist with ancestral blood lines to Ngarabal Nation, Lauren is a self-taught artist who began painting at a very young age and has always loved creating!

Art is an important platform for Lauren to share Indigenous culture and hopes her art stirs your imagination and curiosity. Lauren’s hopes are for people to connect with the stories and meaning behind her work to learn about First Nations’ culture, history, stories and language.

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