Eco Bubble Wrap brings distribution damages to 0% for Aim Lab’s medical automation solutions

Since introducing Eco Bubble Wrap to their tertiary packaging process, Aim Lab Automation Technologies has experienced zero transit damages to their palletised cartons in three years.

With 40 years in the manufacturing industry, Aim Lab Automation Technologies is an Australian designer and manufacturer of robotic automation instrumentation and models used in pathology and scientific labs around the world.

In 2017, Aim Lab was experiencing cosmetic damage to palletised cartons caused by forklifts and general transport handling. Aim Lab wanted to eliminate the risk of additional transit damages and ensure their customers could trust them to deliver quality goods every time.

“As our solutions are distributed globally, sending a replacement is not an overnight fix, and this will typically disrupt a larger project in the lab where several installations might be occurring in conjunction with our solution.”

AIm Lab staff using Eco Bubble wrap
Pallet being wrapped in Eco Bubble Wrap

To solve the issue, Aim Lab engaged with Signet to source a product that was both eco-friendly and durable to stop their palletised cartons from getting damaged in transit. Signet introduced them to Eco Bubble Wrap, a biodegradable wrapping product manufactured by Polycell.

The Eco Bubble Wrap is wrapped around the outside of the palletised cartons as an underlayer prior to the pallet being stretch wrapped. This solution has eliminated carton damages for three years and ensured Aim Lab’s equipment arrives to their clients in perfect condition.

“After implementing the Eco Bubble Wrap, we have brought transit damages on our sensitive equipment to zero for over three years, further strengthening our excellent reputation in the market.”

Aim Lab’s relationship with Signet has spanned over 17 years, with Signet consumables used in every aspect of their packaging operation.

Signet consumables have been used in every aspect of Aim Lab’s packaging operation for the past 17 years. From Postal Tubes for cables and spare parts to Signet’s Bundling Film to restrict the movement of robotic arms in transit, and Warning Labels to alert handling personnel of fragile items in transit.

“We can always rely on Signet to deliver the high-quality packing materials we need to be successful in our supply chain operations. Signet has a unique solution for all our needs, meaning we can get everything from one supplier.”

Pallets waiting for shipment from Aim Lab warehouse
Pallets waiting for shipment from Aim Lab warehouse