PathFinder Connect

A simple approach to PathFinder and Laboratory Information System (LIS) Integration

PathFinder Connect (PFC) is software designed to help you simplify the integration between your PathFinder and your existing LIS.

With PathFinder Connect, you avoid the need to develop a customized and often complicated interface for PathFinder in the LIS, making it easier to integrate. It connects to the LIS using a simple interface like that used on an analyser and can accept either broadcast or host query communications.

PathFinder Connect provides a highly configurable interface compatible with the PathFinder and the LIS.  It takes the test orders associated with each specimen from the LIS and directs where it is processed by the PathFinder (ie, to which destination rack it is sent) based on those test orders and a set of pre-defined distribution logic rules.

Should a change to the logic be required, the laboratory staff can modify the rules using the simple web interface, further reducing the burden on IT and LIS programmers.

PathFinder Connect
PathFinder Connect helps you:
  • Reduce integration costs
  • Simplify PathFinder and LIS interface by handling the distribution logic programming
  • Connect multiple PathFinder systems to be integrated through a single LIS interface
  • Hand over control for the routing to the lab staff
PathFinder Connect minimum requirements:

Whether you are implementing a new PathFinder or expanding your laboratory, PathFinder Connect provides seamless integration between your existing PathFinder system and LIS.