Elegant New Autosampler Design

Aim Lab Automation Technologies has released its latest autosampler design, the AIM4000 autosampler.

The AIM4000 is Aim Lab’s 4th generation autosampler and represents a culmination of over 25 years of design experience and field performance. With the new model, there has been a strong emphasis on aesthetics and user appeal while retaining the performance and reliability for which AIM autosamplers are renowned for.

The slick new model incorporates several design innovations including:

  • Electronics in the upper gantry away from sample and wash fluids.
  • Standard racks and wash station centrally located to minimise probe travel between samples and wash.  Also allows sample racks to be easily replaced on the run.
  • Protective cover integrated into the autosampler chassis.
  • Maximising the use of the instrument’s footprint for samples and standards.